Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Podcast: Cameron Hindrum talking about this year's Tasmanian Poetry Festival

Remember 'Shaddup You Face' by Joe Dolce? - well, the man's a poet - and he will be at this weekend's Tasmanian Poetry Festival in Launceston. And no, it is not a gimmick.
    The Tasmanian Poetry Festival is about to celebrate its 25th consecutive festival. It is a unique event happening over one weekend in the Launceston (this year 1-3 of October) - and is about the art of poetry and celebrates its form in many guises. There are poets from the North and the South of the state, the mainland and overseas - reading their work at venues around Launceston - and, of course, there is the pinnacle of poetry blood sport, the "hotly contested and bitterly fought out" contest on Saturday.
   Listen to Cameron Hindrum the festival organiser and a poet in his own right talk about the contest and provide some hints on wrangling poets - as well as the details of this weekend's events.

PS It seems that a gamut of poets is the collective noun.

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