Thursday, October 20, 2011

Guest Review; Andrew Harper discusses The Bogan Delusion'

The Bogan Delusion by David Nichols was published earlier this year by small Australian publisher, Affirm Press. Andrew Harper, artist, writer and raconteur, read it, loved it and you can listen to the whole review here. One of my favourite parts of this review is when Andrew tells of his first ever encounter with the author David Nichols. It was many years ago at a very early Dirty Three gig, supported by The Cannanes, Nichols' band. Then, as he is now, Andrew was a skilled heckler. Andrew didn't realise he had made an impression on the band until he came across a mention of himself in a zine, described  as "the worst and most annoying hecklers he (Nichols) had ever encountered," a description that Andrew recounts with relish. The Bogan Delusion, Andrew says, is about the concept that the bogan doesn't exist except in the minds of the inner city elite - an 'other' created to affirm a sense of inner city self. "it is othering, it is hating and fearing without even understanding," he says.

Andrew can be found on Twitter here, blogging here

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