Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#heartfelt 1

#heartfelt is a project about human and cyber connection and connectivity. 
The written word buoys connection.

 Through the various mechanisms that cyberspace offers, I encourage you to tell me your favourite book and your postal address and, whether I know the book or not, I will send you a postcard.
The message on your card wll be considered and heartfelt response to you and your favourite book. I want to connect with you for a moment and I want this to arise from an exchange in cyberspace. 

 The light blue magic of an aerogramme seemed to contain so much news when I was little. Recently I sat down to write a thank you aerogramme to my little sister for the pegs she gave me for my birthday but I felt as if I couldn't get the flow happening; that the 'news' was elusive. It was only when I had reached the almost secret backwards flap that twice tucks inside to the aerogramme like a hidden window, that the flow started, and I felt as if what I was writing would connect with my little sister. A strange connection when the message simply traveled onto paper from my pen, but nevertheless a connection in the making.
    I love connection and I love flow; soaring around that crazy unknowable formula that people have between them. The challenges of trying to connect with people even within a microsecond exchange; eye contact with the bus driver in the morning, a moment of intense conversation with a customer, through to the verbally corny smile at a stranger on the street. I don't foist the connection - it can only be made if both sides are functioning - and I'm definately not a 24/7/365 functioning connector.  Bad connections occur often; a misinterpreted tone, irreverence seen as frippery, assumptions, loss of heart and mind in an exchange.
   Then there's the vortex of cyberspace, the anonymity, the fractious comments, dissipated notions and the fact that 'overshare' has morphed to normal. In that vortex, though, there are amazing connections and ideas; communities and vibrant spaces of connection. And I love it. The true knowledge, the elders, the teaching and the learning, There are so many opportunities to connect.
    I finished the aerogramme to aforementioned little sister, feeling somewhat disheartened that it wouldn't be a smooth read, that, most probably, there would be nothing to make her heart hum, let alone sing. Which got me thinking; it's not volubility or verbosity that creates connection, it is clarity and truth and honesty. 
I pondered the tweet-sized connections I make every day and a thought occured to me. I reached for my (ever present) phone and tweeted 'tell me your favourite book and your address and I'll send you a postcard with a #heartfelt message.'  That was about a month ago and I have posted around 30 postcards to date, received one back, met new people and my heart and mind are whirring in an inspired way. Every card I write has me thinking and feeling in a different way.
    That's how this #heartfelt project started.
Stay tuned to hear more about these connections - and leave a comment, tweet me, email me or FB me what your favourite book is and I will send you a #heartfelt card. If I've already sent you a card I may blog about your book, your card and the connection that you made with me. 
Thank you.

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