Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Justin Heazlewood discusses 'Funemployed, life as an artist in Australia'

Justin Heazlewood sent his first book to publishers as a kind of business card. The writer, singer, comedian, stand up Bedroom Philosopher has now written a wonderfully personal account of being an artist in Australia. Published by Affirm Press, it is shot through with a range of practical tips for managing the aforementioned life and it includes interviews and comment from Australian artists, practising in many media, at many stages of their careers.
Heazlewood describes how “it too me ten years to morph from a diligently humble sweet natured star to an arrogant self pitying megalomaniac," and touches on topics like health (the alcohol industry is propped up by musicians and performers) to tax free breakfasts to when to do gigs for free and when to say no.
In his own words, the book is  “a bit of a Frankenstein between self help and memoir and journalistic non fiction. I wanted to home in on the personal emotional stuff, talking about fame, talking about jealousy, stuff that I never see people writing about much.”
You can hear the whole interview here.
Funemployed, life as an artist in Australia
Affirm Press 2014
This interview was first broadcast on Edge Radio on August 5, 2014

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