Sunday, September 12, 2010

Click here: podcast of Ramona Koval chatting about her reading life - and her new book.

I host The Book Show - and Ramona Koval hosts The Book Show. That statement is not as strange as it first may seem. Ramona hosts a daily show on a national broadcaster and I host a weekly one on a local community radio station. She has been broadcasting for around twenty years, I have been broadcasting for three years. Ramona has interviewed the likes of A.S. Byatt, Judith Wright, Ian McEwan, Toni Morrison and Mario Vargas Llosa. I have not.
  The authors above are some of the interviews featured in Speaking Volumes: Conversations with Remarkable Writers (Scribe 2010). It is a collection of interviews that not only gave me insight into writers, their writing and their stories, it allowed me to slowly interrogate the practice of interviewing.
   I won't write much more - just to let you know that Ramona makes for a gorgeous interviewee. She talks about reading Kafka at age 12,  runs through some tricks for young players, stories from her reading life, her move from science to letters and the importance of curiosity. 
Have a listen - and I'd love to read your comments -


  1. Downloading now. Just listened to her talk with China Mieville.

  2. Sounds great - Ill have a listen when I get home. her book is definitely going on my wishlist

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