Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hobart book related activites that you may like to attend

There are some good lookin' events happening in Hobart over the next week or so -
    Tonight (Wednesday 8th) Michael Veitch will be launching Wasted: the true story of Jim McNeil, violent criminal and brilliant playwright by Ross Honeywell at 5.30 at the Hobart Bookshop.

Ross will also be coming in to the Book Show on Edge Radio on Tuesday, 28th of September to chat about his book - and Jim McNeil.

    Next Monday night Fullers Bookshop's XYZ reading 'community' will be getting together in the Afterword Cafe at Fullers to talk about Raymond Chandler's book Cathedral. XYZ is a unique set up - it diverges from the traditional tea and scones/red wine 'book discussion group' with an invigorated examination of texts.
    Next Wednesday evening (15 September) you'll be ripped to shreds with choices - Warren Boyle is launching a great collection of craftyness - Stephen French's Handmade in Tasmania (published by, the Place and Experience poetry competition results will be announced at The Lark - as part of the Tasmanian Writers' Centre's event - Novelists on Place and Experience - Robyn Mundy and Danielle Wood will be in conversation - I would love to attend this though I can't teleport yet and I'll be in Magnificent Melbourne (yes, it deserves the capitals) - at the launch of Lisa Lang's novel Utopian Man. Lisa won the Vogel prize last year for her unpublished manuscript - and the book has been published by Allan and Unwin.
    The Writers' Centre have also just released their program of workshops for the rest of the year - with some excellent ones on the list - there's one on blogging - check their website for more details.
    On Friday 17th is an event that is garnering a lot of attention - Anna Krien will be in conversation with Amanda Lohrey. Both women have just had books published by Black Inc- Reading Madame Bovary by Amanda- and, the one that has particularly piqued my interest is Anna Krien's exploration of the situation in Tasmania's forests, Into The Woods. This is happening at Fullers Bookshop at 6pm. I will be speaking to Anna on Edge's Book Show on Tuesday 21st - and you'll also be able to listen to a podcast of that interview soon - right here.

    I think I may have missed Shane Crawford in Hobart - he's a footy player and is often referred to as Crawf. (I learn new things all the time) -and he had written a book. I am still, however, dedicated to Chris Judd, because he weaned the Carlton boys off yellow food and taught them how to eat a salad.

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