Friday, June 3, 2011

Special blog post for the Fullers Bookshop Reading Groups

*explanation for this strange blog entry
        I facilitate the Reading Groups in my workplace, Fullers Bookshop. In June we are reading 'Past the Shallows' by first time novelist, Favel Parrett. I often provide some 'reading around' material to the groups and, as a broadcaster, I feel that 'listening around' is just as effective. The material below is primarily for that purpose, though Favel is such an articulate and warm person and her book, while very much up for discussion at the Reading Groups, contains a robust exploration of human emotions I would encourage every single one of you to have a listen.
Dear Reading Group,

      here are two podcasts of Favel Parrett talking about her work 'Past the Shallows'
The first is a rough and ready version of an interview I did with her. An edited version of this will go to air on Edge Radio on Tuesday, June 21st at 6pm.

     Interview with Favel Parrett for Edge Radio

    The second is the talk she gave to a packed cafe at Fullers Bookshop on April 28th. You can hear everything she says though the questions that the audience ask are not audible.

    Talk at Fullers Bookshop, April 28

  When you click the links you have the choice of listening immediately or downloading for some delayed auditory gratification.

with love,
Paige and Rachel

PS - If you would like more information on the reading groups, click here

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