Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nadine Kessler discusses book design

Nadine Kessler likes typography which is fortunate as she works with it daily as a typographer and designer, with a focus on publication design. She arrived in the studio armed with some very attractive books and was a fabulous guest to feature on episode 1 series 2, The Book Show on Edge Radio. You can listen to the full interview here.
Nadine talks about the beginning of books and the mass production that began after Gutenberg invented the letter press with moveable type and she talks about the days when scribes had to copy books by hand. We discuss the benefits of taking a knife to the spine of a book as well as the best ways to handle the object without cracking its spine or participating, unawares in other book torture.
Talking about the design of the recent Mona catalogue ‘Beam in Thine Own Eye,' the art work from which was really the result of work created in the viewer’s own mind, stimulated by the external “I found this really beautiful paper which is reflective, it is the play with whatever you
reflect in your mind.”
At the time of the interview Nadine was working on a new catalogue for Mona’s most recent exhibition.
For further information and too see Nadine’s work, check out her website.

P S a Big Thank You to Artifact in Swansea for sharing their wifi with me.

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