Friday, May 12, 2017

Richard Fidler on the process of interviewing

A few years ago I had the absolute pleasure and delight of interviewing Richard Fidler on the art of interviewing. You can hear the full interview here. A couple of the gems he imparts in this discussion include
Interviewing "allows you to ask impertinent questions of interesting people and gives you a plaform to do it". "Radio is the most beautiful medium, it is just lovely". (oh! how I agree with this)
When interviewing "you should imagine you are at a cocktail party and you must always bring the listener in, and make sure they don't keep looking after your shoulder".
He talked about how curiousity is so important and how Virginia Trioli said that you must bring out your inner five year old and get rid of a perceived need to sound authorative
"If you are authnetically curious people respond to that, the trick is to not interview anyone unless you are really curious."
and that, as an interviewer, it is "incumbent on you to read and research as much as you can".
Have a listen here.

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