Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Black War, fear, sex and resistance in Tasmania by Nicholas Clements

The Black War, fear, sex and resistance in Tasmania is one of the rich and growing library of books on Tasmanian aboriginal history, following colonisation. It is more fascinating, confronting reading about Tasmania's recent past. Nicholas Clements has adapted his PhD on the broad subject of war, to create a strongly considered case on many aspects of warfare in Tasmania.
 Each chapter. covering subjects such as The Black Line, the sea-frontier and the north-west frontier, contains separate accounts of the experiences of both black and white.
  I interviewed Nick for The Book Show on Edge Radio, when the book was released - and I had a terrible cold, so I sounds a little strange.
   Please be aware that the interview, like the book, discusses some subjects such as murder and genocide, subjects which are as troubling to discuss and to listen to, as they should be.
You can hear the full interview here.

The Black War, fear, sex and resistance in Tasmania<
by Nicholas Clements,
978 0 7022 5006 4


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