Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Delicious crafty and writerly opportunity


Local creatives Ben Walter and Kelly Eijdenberg have received funding from the Australia Council to produce a new book featuring a collaboration between young Tasmanian writers and craft artists.
Ben Walter, a local writer and assistant manager of Fullers Bookshop, says “opportunities for young writers are thin on the ground in Tasmania, so we’re really happy to provide a chance for them to get involved.”

They are calling for short stories responding to the title of their book – I Sleep in Haysheds and Corners.

The best ten entries will be published in the book, and also, given to local craft artists to respond to using their practice. Images of the craft items will serve as illustrations for the book, and the items will also be displayed in an exhibition in their own right.
Book designer Kelly Eijdenberg comments, “While fine art and literature are no strangers, you don’t often see collaborations between fiction and the recently-revived art of craft – this will be a fusion that we anticipate will produce exciting and unexpected results.”
Submissions from writers to 'I Sleep in Haysheds and Corners' must be received by October 1st. The stories must be under 1000 words and written by Tasmanian people under the age of 30. Stories must also keep to the guidelines which are available from

Successful contributors will be paid $150.


  1. Ohhh, sounds like a fantastic opportunity for emerging writers - I love hearing about things like this! Pity, I'm not from Tassie :P

  2. Gosh, what a fabulous opportunity! I can't think why everyone in Tasmania wouldn't submit!


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