Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gore, sex, Death and vernacular

I chatted to Anna Dusk on The Book Show ( Anna is Melbourne based, Tasmanian born, Oatlands raised. Her first published novel is 'In-Human' - which, on the blurb, is likened to a cross between 'Catcher in the Rye' and 'Buffy.' Not having 'Buffy' as a benchmark, nor any recent horror reading to compare it to, I found it a visceral and furious read. It is the story of Sally Hunter, a teenager in small town Tasmania, who finds herself, painfully at first and more and more elatedly as the story wears on, turning werewolf. Sally becomes a hunter, a drunken sex fiend furious teenager - and she goes on a killing spree. The story is fuelled by violence though there is a narrative that does propel the reader forward.
Anna and I talked about the process of writing such anger, we talked about what propels us towards fear, why there is such an industry for horror - why do we seek to become paralysed. 'In Human' isn't a scarey novel as such, though fear definately enveloped this reader.

And - having spent about 50 000 hours of the last week endeavoring to podcast this interview I'm leaving you all on tenterhooks.

Now, there's a lovely word, tenterhooks.

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